Artistic Practice:

Philip’s recent artworks are made in Cast-Iron, Aluminium, Ceramics and Glass.  They have fundamental industrial processes in common in their use of ‘heat-work’ as foundry and kiln work, and the casting or moulding process that links them together. The artworks have rough untreated, partially glazed Brick Clay, lightly finished; rusting Cast-Iron and colourless kiln-formed Glass, and Polished Nickel Plated Aluminium direct from the sand mould. These are simple industrialized materials that are coerced into an aesthetic form without surrendering their honest material identity.

Consistent use of geometry provides an underlying sense of order; the subjective use of material and design ‘chaos’ should not dominate but add friction and contrast to the ensemble, always useful when trying to instill narrative implications in the overall context.  This approach is a direct consequence of Philip’s experience in mural design.  Surface ornamental embellishments may be considered to add to the effect and provide focus and design language that would link disparate colours and materials together.

The commissioning process requires a negotiated outcome whereby all parties get what they want from the experience.  So sharing aspects of the images development in technical and aesthetic terms would be a natural and informing process.